AEI has a team of aviation professionals who can help you solve your problems.


Our Associates

Our associates have verifiable demonstrated problem solving capabilities.
Projects are pursued with a laser focused goal oriented operational mind set.


Our Capabilities

Capabilities include but are not limited to, establishing new or revising existing Part 121 or Part 135 operations, ICAO standards compliance, aircraft acquisition and sales, aircraft financing, writing new or updating existing airport compliance standards, reviewing existing and writing new training programs that are standards compliant, feasibility studies, private sector or government funding initiatives.


Our Work

AEIís management has (or has had) business relations with Lockheed Martin, Northwest Airlines, Korean Airlines, Asiana Airlines, Japan Airlines, British Airways, Continental Airlines, and several smaller carriers. Additionally, AEIís management has worked with several governments including the US Federal Government, Turkey, Poland, Iraq, Holland, Japan, China, Myanmar, Bangladesh, and UK.


How we do it

Group members represent a wide range of aviation industry expertise. Some are rated pilots with thousands of hours of flying experience in airline, corporate, and military operations, in both fixed and rotor wing aircraft.


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